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Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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Let them take baths! These indulgent Fízi™ Bath Bombs effervescently fizz in your tub infusing your bath with skin softening, mineral-rich salt from The Great Salt Lake filled with micronutrients like magnesium. These sulfate-free bath bombs won't dry you out as you bathe; they help moisturize while adding tons of indulgent, sweet lavender fragrance to your me time.

  • Made with mineral-rich salt from The Great Salt Lake
    • Sulfate-free
    • Creates the most indulgent baths
    • Softens skin as you soak


    • Mineral rich salt from The Great Salt Lake contains micronutrients that help condition and soften skin while you soak
    • Shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood Co-Op moisturizes and calms skin helping restore nutrients while you soak
  • Drop an effervescent and fragrant Fízi into the tub while you soak. For even more decadence, combine multiple Fízi bath bombs or add an All Mixd Up bath salt.